The SUN trademark of Yamazaki Baking Company represents that Yamazaki products are to people’s diet as the sunshine is to the earth: healthy, wholesome and cheering.

Since 1948, Yamazaki Baking Co. Ltd. began as a provider of reasonably priced, fresh and high-quality baked goods to all in Japan. Nowadays, Yamazaki is the most popular bakery brand in the country and loved by everyone.

In 1981, Yamazaki started to bring her successful business concept to other regions around the world and first stepped upon Hong Kong as the first bakery shop opened in Causeway Bay Mitsukoshi. With three-decade continuous growth, we are now operating a large production plant, 54 outlets and employ more than 500 professional staff.

Every of us insist on 60-year baking traditions by using 100% Japanese flour with favor elements of our customers; we bring tasty, healthiness and freshness to Hong Kong people. The company’s rigorous quality controls, latest technologies and team spirit are all designed to provide customers with a wide range of tasty bread including loaf bread, sweet buns, donuts, hard rolls, Danish pastries, Japanese cakes, snacks and western cakes.

In an era when market needs are changing more rapidly than ever, we recognize the critical importance of innovation. We strive to improve existing and create more new to our valuable customers. “High Quality, Reasonable Price and True Value” is our mission to achieve.

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